Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Day Near A Dam

Before the heat of the sultry summer kicks in, it is not a bad idea to explore the weekends with new destinations. Massanjore can be one of them, where the main attraction is the Canada Dam on the Mayurakshi river built by the Canadian Government in 1956. The pristine greenish blue expanse of water spreading over an area of 67 square kilometers is hemmed by hillocks whetting the urge of your visual feast. The lull that hovers around merge with the mist above the water surface to deliver a cocktail of intoxication as you sit numb on the lawn of the Irrigation bungalow.

Massanjore falls on the state highway between Suri( West Bengal) and  Dumka(Jharkhand). We took a cab from Bolpur 75 Km off and traveled through small towns like Dubrajpur, and thick forests to reach Massanjore. Once we reached the site we indulged in light refreshments on the road side tea stalls and straightway headed for the dam.  Canada Dam - and its specifications were depicted upon a white stone on the right.

 As we walked upon the 668 m long dam, hundreds of green parrots greeted us. They glided above us in small groups. Some sat on the Iron girders of the bays (21 in all, each 9.14 m in width) or dangle perpendicularly clawing upon the small fissures on the 47 m high wall of the dam. To our right lay the reservoir with its immaculate sprawl of crystal clear water dotted by bright yellow boats plying with tourists. Migratory birds wiz up in unison above the water as if they were following some unheard orchestra.

To our left was the rocky terrain where the river wriggles and hides itself from our view. The water was scarce as it was winter, the lock gates were barely open, just enough to feed the river out of extinction. As we try to trace its meandering path we saw to our left a picnic spot where groups reveled in the soft December sun. We crossed to the other side and went down the rocky steps for boating. The experience of paddling in the cool water and being encircled by birds is sheer bliss. 

We headed for the irrigation bungalow for lunch. In The evening we sat in the terrace with the setting sun with the sun gathering its russet coloured cloak just as the moon got bolder and glittered upon the tiny waves.

Where to stay: Mayurakshi Bhavan of the Irrigation Department, Govt. of West Bengal. A double-bed room costs Rs 300 per night. For bookings contact: Deputy Secretary, Irrigation Department, Water Resource, Development Building, Salt Lake City, Kolkata, Phone +91 33 23212259.

Jharkhand Government’s Irrigation Bungalow: for booking write to Superintendent Engineer, Irrigation Department, dumka-814101

A Youth Hostel exists nearby which can be booked from “Yuva Kalyan Office, 32/1, BBD Bag ( South), Kolkata -700001, Ph- +91 33 22480626

Navigator :  By Train to Rampurhat, Suri or Bolpur. From there hire a car to Messanjore. Regular bus service is also available from Suri to Dumka, en-route to massanjore.

Courtesy: The text was published in Discover India.
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